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With the broezz’n ticket, you can travel together unlimitedly for an entire day by Qbuzz buses through Groningen and Drenthe for only €12.50.

The advantages:

  • Unlimited travelling all day in Groningen and Drenthe on board the buses of Qbuzz.
  • Two for the price of one. Two adults can also bring a maximum of up to six children, ranging from 4 to 11 years old, for free (three per adult).
  • Children up to 3 years old always travel for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the broezz’n ticket valid?

The broezz’n ticket is valid all day during school holidays and on Saturdays or Sundays, including before 9 a.m. (i.e. during peak hours).

  • Which buses can I travel with?

You can travel with all Qbuzz buses in Groningen and Drenthe, including Qliner lines 304 and 314 from Groningen to Drachten and v.v.. . This also includes the Q-link and Qliner lines, such as lines 304 and 314 from Groningen to Drachten and v.v..

  • Do I have to buy a broezz’n ticket in advance?

No, that is not necessary. It is possible to buy a broezz’n ticket in advance on our webshop. You can also buy a broezz’n ticket on board our buses on the day of your travels, using a credit or debit card.

  • Do I have to buy a new ticket if I transfer to another bus?

No, with one broezz’n ticket you can travel unlimitedly all day on all Qbuzz buses in Groningen and Drenthe.

  • I’m taking the bus for the first time. Can I get help during my trip?

Don’t worry, the bus driver is happy to help you with all your questions about your bus trip. For example, if you are not sure at which stop to get off, feel free to ask the bus driver.

  • Do I have to check in and out with a Broezz’n ticket?

Yes! When you board and leave the bus, you scan the code on your broezz’n ticket at the card reader. Are you transferring to another Qbuzz bus? Then scan the barcode again when getting in and out.

Plan your trip at qbuzz.nl/gd.